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Track Gates

York Vale Fencing can fit the perfect track gate for your requirements. We professionally survey your installation area and advise you on the best system for you.

We fit commercial, industrial or domestic gates so you can be sure of high quality secure work.

We can also fully customise your gates to fit perfectly with your surroundings. Just request a quote for more details.

Product Options

Sliding System
If extra security is required and the driveway needs to be securely closed off by the electric gate, then the electric sliding gate forms the ideal solution. Our range of electric sliding gate operators has a machine for every size of gate.

The robust and reliable rack and pinion method of operation is very straightforward and can be used on metal or wooden gates. The sophisticated electronic control panel can be programmed to accommodate timed auto-closure and partial opening to allow just pedestrian access and can accept wired low voltage.

Ideal for situations where space is an issue.


Cantilever System
Cantilever system is a slide gate but without the track running underneath the gate. Balanced on a rail, the gate is held by is own weight. Perfect for areas where a track will obstruct.