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Tango Rail
(Adjustable Tubular Railings)

Adjustable Tubular Railings known as Tango Rail is an ideal solutions for areas that are uneven, as Tango Rail can be sloped up to 12 degrees. With vibrant, eye catching colours available this type of fencing is ideal for play areas or schools, as well as higher security commercial or industrial properties.

Product Options

Available in heights of:
0.9m • 1.0m • 1.2m • 1.5m • 1.8m • 2.0m • 2.1m • 2.4m
We can install the following colours of Tango Rail, or ring us on 01759 306783 or 07850 856833 if you have a specific colour requirement.
Red • Yellow • Green • Blue • Black

Below are the different styles of fence we can supply.

Round Top
• TR100
• TR150 High Security

  Oval Top
• TR200
• TR250 High Security

  Square Top
• TR400 Square

  Flat Top
• TR500

  Small Bow Top
•TR800 RoSPA compliant

  Large Bow Top
• TR700

  Sphere Top
• TR300 Sphere

  Point Top
• TR300 Point